Notice to Cease Works

    Notice to Cease Works

    23rd November 2014

To: Cambridgeshire County Council,
Balfour Beatty Living Places Limited,
Balfour Beatty Limited,
And any Agents or Subcontractors of any of the above.

Notice is hereby given to cease any and all works connected with this installation. The owner of the adjoining property, namely NNN XXXX Street, Sawston, has determined that these building works are subject to the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

We have not consented to any of these works and are therefore in dispute, jointly and severally, with the parties named above. Therefore these works here should not have been started.

We therefore demand that all works on the lamppost outside NNN XXXXX Street (to which this notice is attached), foundations and surrounding pathway cease immediately, unless prior written permission is given by Aaaaa Aaaaaaaaa, the owner of NNN XXXXX Street, Sawston, and until the conditions set out in the Party Wall etc Act 1996 are satisfied in their entirety.

This includes, but is not limited to, removal of the lamppost.

You have been warned. Do not remove this notice.

Yours etc,

Adam Quantrill


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