Letter to Legal Departments of BB and CCC

Part of the reason for publishing this letter is in case you are in a similar circumstance, please cut and paste what you need out of it, as the framework of the letter can probably be re-used. It’s probably a good idea to pass your own finished draft past someone legally qualified, before emailing it.
Please replace NNN AAAAA with your house number and address and point (5) below you may need to rewrite the section in italics to reflect your own interaction with BBLP, but keep the rest.

If by email,

Subject: Legal notice Regarding Streetlight Installation at NNN AAAAAAAA, Sawston

CBxx yyy
Date as per email.

By email.

To gary.ward@cambridgeshire.gov.uk
CC: Divisional Legal Director
Balfour Beatty Ltd

Dear Sirs,

I write in connection with the streetlighting outside my property. I am writing this letter to the Council and copying in BBLP given that I have spoken with BBLP Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of BB, previously in relation to the street lighting outside my property. I also understand that the installation of streetlighting falls under the PFI contract between CCC and BBLP Ltd.

It is regrettable that I need to write in such terms, but this now appears necessary given that my previous communications have not been acted upon, and promises have not been kept.

Your legal officer Emma Mead at BBLP Ltd suggested in the first instance I address all concerns directly to Mr Nick Wargent.

I am writing to you because a street lighting pole (your reference xxxxxxxxxx [look yours up on the map]) was installed at my property NNN AAAAAA Street (full address as per letter) without my express permission. I am notifying you now of the following complaints about this installation (and there are more to follow):

1. This pole is touching my property
– it is liable to cause damage to the guttering and/or roof and/or foundations or lower wall in windy conditions.
– there is accordingly a trespass being committed.

2. There is a loss of enjoyment of my property.
– the pole is ugly
– it is installed against the wishes of the local Conservation department
– it has been installed contrary to the Grade II listing status of the property
– it is causing us worry due to the contact with the house.

3. I allege that you are causing or creating a private nuisance with this installation, contrary to English law.

4. As a matter of fact, [redacted personal medical circumstances].

5. BBLP Ltd’s agent Keeley Russel has promised to move the pole away from the house on two occasions, but has failed to act on those promises. BBLP Ltd made these undertakings with the clear impression of ostensible authority and it is disappointing and unsatisfactory that further inconvenience and breach of trust has been caused to my family by this further failure.

I therefore require you to remove this pole with immediate effect. I am allowing fourteen days from the date of this email/letter for satisfactory action to be taken or I may begin legal proceedings against yourselves for damages.

So you are aware, I may copy this letter to my councillors, my MP, and any interested media.

I hope to hear from you very shortly with an action plan for the pole removal, please be sure to be in touch,

Yours sincerely,

– Adam Quantrill


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