About SLAGc



Street Lighting Action Group – cambridgeshire (or SLAGc)  is a blog designed to enable people to share their experiences with Cambs County Council’s street lighting rollout.

Please bear with me as I have only just started this site and things are going live literally as I type – I am not holding off to make it look good – I want the information out there first and foremost, to help people in the same position as me.

The lights are being installed by a PFI contract company – part of a division of Balfour Beatty.

See this link for their full contact details: Direct Contact Details.


Finally, slagc is affiliated with Beehive ParkingEye


One thought on “About SLAGc

  1. Peter says:

    Following removal of numerous lamp posts in St Ives, parts of the town are so dark as to be dangerous. As a member of a running group we have had severals falls already due to poor lighting. I have had to purchase a head torch, can I claim the cost from the council? After spending a large amount of my money we now have a worst situation than before, this must have been decided by the genius who though putting a crossing for the guided bus over the only road from St Ives to the A14 was a good idea, priceless.


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